Saturday, May 19, 2012

General Anxiety Disorder: Why It Occurs and What Is the Treatment?

While the name sounds easy to understand and may even be somewhat familiar to most people, General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is often a difficult and complicated problem that can be caused by many different things. People who suffer GAD experience debilitating concern even with the most simple of things. It can prevent an individual from carrying on with their daily tasks to the point that their worry can begin to manifest physically such as shortness of breath, signs of fear, uneasiness, exhaustion, tremors, headaches and even vomiting. One of the reasons why it is a serious disorder is because of the fact that GAD can be triggered by the most simple and even mundane things. Simple decision making can trigger anxiety and panic attacks or the thought of negative outcomes can bring about extreme worrying.

A clear cause of GAD is still not yet known, but signs point to genetic makeup, meaning it is likely hereditary. However, stress and stressful situations can worsen because of added thoughts and decisions. A person who suffers from GAD will find it hard to find a job that can accommodate their condition. Most people would find it hard to work with someone who, may breakdown at every occurrence or situation he/she is faced. Unfortunately, there is little anyone can do to change their perception of anxiety and just how intense and frightful they can be if you have GAD.

If you have had or been experiencing signs of GAD for more than six months now, it is best to start seeking remedies and treatments for your condition because you do not want this condition to take over your life. However, many techniques and self-help books out there do not really eliminate GAD. All they do is help you manage the disorder. Some would recommend distracting yourself, relax and think of things that make you happy. Unfortunately, this doesn't really get rid of GAD. All it does is make the feeling go away for some time. Sooner or later, your panic attacks return and you feel that same awful feeling again of fear and helplessness.

One of the best and most successful solutions to solving GAD is through the 21-7 technique. This method is part of the Panic Away program which has shown tremendous results when it comes to stopping panic attacks and general anxiety in a matter of minutes. What makes it effective is the fact that it helps you understand your anxiety, and at the same time help you overcome it. Moreover, this program does not involve any medicine or regular visits to a therapist. It's all natural and its goal is to help you break away from the fear of having anxiety and stop the cycle of fear, panic and worrying.

General Anxiety Disorder is not a hopeless case. You should not feel like your life is over and you'll never get rid of your fears and worries. The panic away program is a fantastic solution that can eliminate your anxiety almost immediately.

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