Saturday, May 19, 2012

Health and Fitness: Mental Health Article Category

A mental illness test is a test designed to help one determine whether they are mentally healthy. It can also be prescribed for a person who is suspected to be mentally unstable. A person who is mentally healthy is able to make good judgments, is able to reason normally with people and has his emotions under control. A persons' mental health status is put under question when his behavior becomes erratic and questionable, his moods change erratically and is unable to recover from psychological problems that he may be facing in his personal life.

Unlike other tests, mental illness tests are very unique. How unique are they? Other health tests involve taking specimens or samples of body fluids such as sputum, feces, urine, e.t.c in order to have them examined for any disease. With this test, the other personality attributes of a person are put to test. Attributes like behavior, the attitude of a person, the way one dresses, emotions, his moods, cognition abilities of the individual and finally how he thinks. All these are used to determine whether one is mentally stable or not. These tests are done by a qualified physician. The persons' history also is used to determine mental status.

However, there are many tests that are not conducted online without one actually visiting the doctor physically. Normally, one visits a physician to have the mental status determined by being asked questions and depending on the answers given, the physician is able to determine whether the person is healthy or not. Nowadays one can evaluate himself or herself if they are mentally unstable. This has been made possible by existence of online mental illness tests that are conducted online and answers questions by filling in a questionnaire-kind form. Then depending on the answers he is given a result as to his mental status. Most of these tests are not paid for and so I encourage one to try this online testing. The advantage of this method is the privacy accorded by the test. An example of an online test I would recommend to one is the Bricklin perceptual scales. This is a very popular test and can be relied upon to give a fairly accurate result as to ones' mental health.

The online mental illness tests are however not complete by themselves. After being given the results or after the results are generated, one is to visit a physician who will accurately interpret the results and give a conclusive answer to the person. The person may as well be required to undergo more tests to determine the health status. Taking a walk to a physician is a rather involving affair. It entails being ready to talk and be as open as possible to the doctor. Answer all the questions that the doctor may have regarding your behavior and activities. It a rather uneasy test to undertake because of the dread of one being shunned by the community for being mentally unstable. It is still important to have the test done.

People are not aware of the importance of taking care of themselves mental-wise. People mostly take care of the physical part only neglecting the mental health and it starts to deteriorate slowly until it goes out of control. So I would recommend one to take a mental readiness test to be self-aware of their mental status.

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