Saturday, May 19, 2012

How To Control Panic Attacks And Stop Your Suffering For Good

Trying to control panic attacks isn't exactly easy, but it can be done within a few tries or so. Too often, people get so stuck into thinking that it can only be avoided, but once they start to come, you can also control the attacks and slowly avoid them once they do. The tips in this article are going to really help you out on controlling those attacks and getting rid of them once they already come. It is definitely easy to prevent them, and the nice thing about these tips is that they work during and before a panic attack occurs.

How to control panic attacks

- Count To 20

The next time an attack starts to come, command that you can overcome it. This can be done by simply counting to 20, but before you do this, say to yourself "If I reach 20 and nothing happens to me, then this panic attack will disappear". This is a powerful way to control the attack and slowly remove it out of your mind and body. Sometimes all you need to do is command for the panic attack to be removed and it slowly will. If you try this method more than once and you practice it often, you will find that it can work at any time of the day.

- Do Not Fear It

Sometimes people can hold onto the fear of an attack. So often they simply try to avoid it. This only causes you more problems, with the attack coming to you even more. Do not fear the attack because fearing it the most, brings it to you more-so. If you keep thinking about it and trying to avoid it, you will find that it comes to you even faster. The next time you feel a panic attack coming, allow it and it will disappear more easily by letting it flow out of you.

What you need to know is that an attack is really a harmless event that really doesn't do anything to you. It is something that simply happens to you and it cannot really harm you in any way. This is the reason why you do not need to fear the event at all. Simply let it flow out of you completely and you will find the anxiety will be removed from you.

A panic attack cannot break you apart in any way. It is impossible for it to hurt you in any way shape or form, so when you try the counting technique, you will find it much easier to control panic attacks as they come. They are all in your subconscious mind, and the counting technique helps you to have authority over it.

If you are really struggling right now with panic and anxiety attacks, why not take a look at a resource you can find details about at the end of this article?

Trying to control panic attacks is tough, but the two very powerful tips above can do so much for you than you think. They can help you out a lot with overcoming the attacks as soon possible, and your mind will soon be freed from the bondage of the panic attacks. With those tips, you can be sure to feel better and overcome those attacks.

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