Saturday, May 19, 2012

How to Cure Mental Illnesses Through Dream Therapy

Carl Jung's discoveries about the powerful unconscious wisdom and my discoveries after continuing his research give you a powerful tool in life. Today you can be helped by the unconscious mind because you can clearly understand the unconscious messages in the dream images and therefore, understand what to do. The unconscious mind shows you what is good or bad, and why something is positive or negative. You have many explanations about everything in your dreams.

The fact that dream therapy is a psychotherapeutical method that cures all mental illnesses was already proved numerous times. Everyone finds sound mental health through dream therapy.

On the other hand, everyone can learn how to cure others thanks to the unconscious guidance. For example, I partially cured a psychotic woman through dream therapy who was in fact a vegetable when I first met her.

I couldn't completely cure her because her parents were influencing her behavior and she was super-protected by them, but the fact that I gave her back 70% of her intelligence and life after precisely obeying the unconscious guidance in my dreams about her case is more than a big victory.

She didn't relate her dreams and she didn't cooperate for her psychotherapy. Her treatment was based on the guidance I had in my dreams about her mental condition.

After the psychotherapy she could even travel alone! She never went anywhere without her parents before.

Everyone is always cured through dream therapy because the real doctor is not me, the ignorant human being. The real doctor able to cure all mental illnesses is God's mind. I'm merely a dream translator and a doctor-helper. This is why dream therapy is a safe treatment. The sanctity of the divine unconscious mind is the best guarantee you can have that you will be cured. You don't depend on human theories.

You can completely trust the unconscious guidance without fear. This is an advantage that you cannot have in our hypocritical world. Only God can guarantee that you are learning the real truth about your mental condition when you scientifically analyze the meaning of dreams.

You should seriously study the dream language, and be an obedient patient. To be obedient is a wise attitude. You have to do what your doctor tells you to in order to be cured.

For example, if you are shy and insecure, you have to do things that will help you build your self-confidence and become a better person.

The ancient civilizations that believed in the importance of the meaning of dreams were right. Carl Jung and my work scientifically prove this truth to the world. My work also gives you many religious explanations because I discovered the satanic anti-conscience that generates mental illnesses within our conscience (which Jung couldn't see) and I discovered the sanctity of the unconscious mind (which Jung couldn't perceive).

I was cured from a severe neurosis before becoming schizophrenic like my father thanks to dream therapy when I was 24 to 28-years-old. Then, I cured many people through dream therapy, since 1990 until today. I wouldn't dedicate my life to dream therapy if this was not a miraculous method that cures even physical diseases.

I had no intention to become a psychiatrist and psychologist. This was a moral obligation because I could continue Carl Jung's dangerous research and learn how to fight craziness. This knowledge had to be transmitted to the world and help everyone find salvation.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is not only a perfect psychiatrist and a natural doctor. The unconscious mind is our contact with true wisdom.

The powerful unconscious wisdom will enlighten your life and help you always have positive results in all fields. You'll learn the real meaning of goodness and feel happy for being a good person, who never makes mistakes and always shows wise behavior.

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